Based on what you tell us about your business, your competitors, and your vision, we will recommend a results-oriented marketing strategy, including the components to achieve it. We will help you develop a unified identity with elements ranging from a new product name, a marketing campaign, press releases, ads, brochures, large format printing, or video, to a simple or full-featured website. We have the experience in-house to create all of the materials you need, so that your message consistently reflects your vision. Our team approach also saves you money because we work together to accommodate your budget.

WEB | Website Development & eCommerce

Can your audience find you? Chances are, the first place they search is on web. With their smartphone! Make sure you have a good, mobile-responsive website that represents your brand. FSC builds websites that communicate your message. With bells and whistles if you need them. (Like ecommerce.)

VISUAL | Logo, Photos, Art

People remember images. You need a logo, and photos or art. Stock images can work in some cases, but take care that everyone else isn’t using the same ones. Original and unique is better. FSC offers professional photography services.

STORY | Writing, Editing

Words matter. When an image or idea captures their attention, people want to know the story behind it. A well-written “About Us” page, for instance, can be a powerful differentiator. FSC offers interviewing, writing, or editing, depending on what you need to tell your story. And podcasting and video services.

MEDIA | Social Media, Email Campaigns, Print

What is your digital marketing plan? SEO? Social Media? Email? Brainstorming a few keywords and posting infrequently to a blog are not enough. Printed materials of all sizes and shapes are also effective, because they are tangible takeaways. FSC offers SEO, social media, email marketing, graphic design, and print production services.