For over two decades, FSC has helped small businesses, non-profits, and individual artists find their markets and reach their goals. We continuously re-invest in cutting-edge technology and learning opportunities to benefit our clients so they will stand out from the competition. When FSC started out in a small office in downtown L.A., print marketing was all-important, and the Worldwide Web was still relatively young. FSC grew up with the Internet, developing multi-channel expertise in web, video, audio, photography, and print marketing. We offer all of these services, and consulting, because we want to share our expertise to help others succeed. We know what it’s like to struggle. Over the years, the economy’s highs and lows and a rapidly changing marketplace affected our business too. And we have experienced first-hand the significant gains that new strategies and refocused efforts can bring. We look forward to hearing how we can help you succeed.


Based on what you tell us about your business, your competitors, and your vision, we will recommend a results-oriented marketing strategy, including the components to achieve it. We will help you develop a unified identity with elements ranging from a new product name, a marketing campaign, press releases, ads, brochures, large format printing, or video, to a simple or full-featured website. We have the experience in-house to create all of the materials you need, so that your message consistently reflects your vision. Our team approach also saves you money because we work together to accommodate your budget.

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